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US Pole Vaulters
Featured Open Entry Events

compiled by Reggie Henderson

The biggest US Pole Vault Meets that YOU can enter!

A guide for people whose ideal vacation includes pole vaulting. 

The list is loosely ranked by number of flights.

(The more vaulters the better, but no one wants 50 vaulters sharing one runway during warmups)

A flight is a vaulting competition group that shares a runway for a session. 

For example; if there were 2 runways and 3 sessions using both runways, there would be 6 flights. 

Corrections/Additions welcome, e-mail

Event updates and other events at my Facebook group US Pole Vaulters - Featured Events

Not listed are all the USATF Association Championships but those are great opportunities
I think this is all USATF sanctioned events
More great sites for finding full track meets include:

* indicates winter

4th of July, Vault Factory, Basking Ridge NJ
Summer PV Festival, Flying Circus, Warwick NY
DC Vault Championships, Washington DC

Jersey Jumps, Atlantic City NJ

Rochester ​Rockback Beach Vault, NY

*Mac Vault Bob Crites Invite, College Stn TX

*PV in Paradise, Key West, FL
Port Aransas Beach Vault, TX

Pole Vault in the Plaza, Naples, FL
Dauphin Street Vault, Mobile AL
Mac Vault Summer Nationals, College Stn TX
Indoor Hep Masters Nationals, Kenosha WI
River Vault, LaCrosse WI
Grand Haven Beach Vault, MI

Indiana State Fair, IN

*Reno Summit, NV
Utah PVA Street Vault, Salt Lake City UT
Wine Country Classic, Paso Robles, CA


UCS Spirit Pole Vault Summit, Reno, NV

Jan 11-13, 2024

​13 Runways, 64 Flights, 1072 Vaulters, Biggest flight 23, Results: YES,  
2023 Champions: Thibault Collet & Jacob Wooten 5.81, Amanda Moll 4.61
Meet Directors: Steve Chappel, Lane Mastretti, UCS Spirt


Texas Elite PV Expo Explosion, Belton, TX

Dec 30-31, 2022
Thanks to Jack Chapman for over a decade of hosting this great event.
We're all hoping that it continues with a new host

6 runways, 34 flights, 324 vaulters, biggest flight 15, Results: YES
2023 Champions Jacob Wooten (Mac Vault) 5.81 and Alina McDonald (KMR) 4.51
Meet Director: Jack Chapman


Port Aransas Beach Vault, TX

June 17, 2023

​5 runways, 20 flights, 275 vaulters, biggest flight 17, Results:YES

2023 Champions: Tomas Nieto 5.46,  Ryleigh Redding 3.83
Meet Director: Greg West


Grand Haven Beach Vault, MI

July 14-15, 2023

2 runways, 2 days, 18 flights, 300 vaulters, biggest flight 29 (mens masters), Results: YES

2023 Champions Trevor Stevenson 5.48, Kenzi Shell 4.41

Meet Directors: Kevin Patterson and Dave Emeott 


Mac Vault Summer Nationals, College Station, TX

July 28-29, 2023

3 runways, 2 days, 14 flights, 290 vaulters, biggest flight 32, Results: YES

2023 Champions Jacob Wooten 5.63 & Anthony Meacham 5.48
Madison Townsend(15-16) & Madsion Snoody,Molly Haywood,EmmaTindall(17-18) 3.96 

Meet Directors: Brad & Brittany McFarland


Rochester Rockback Beach Vault, NY

August 12, 2023

3 runways, 9 flights, 188 vaulters, biggest flight 26, Results: Yes

2023 Champions: Zach Ferarra 5.33, Kaitlyn Dermen, Madeline O'Connell, Haley Horvath, Allie Riches 3.96
Team Champion (top 3 guys + top 3 womens heights) Philly Jumps 25.60
Meet Director: Andy Fetzner


Dauphin Street Vault, Mobile, AL

July 15, 2023

2 pits, 9 flights, 175 vaulters, biggest flight 27, Results published: YES
2023 Champions: Alina McDonald & Heather Abadie 4.26, Luke Winder & Carson Waters 5.54
Meet Director: Drew Bentley

Pole Vault in Paradise 2019.jpg

Pole Vault in Paradise, Key West, FL

January 7, 2023

2 runway, 7 flights, 91 vaulters, Biggest flight 22, Results: YES
2023 Champions: Austin Miller (Vaulthouse & Bell) and Carson Waters 5.47

Kristen Brown and Jill Marois (Full Vertical) 4.21

Meet Director: Steve Hanes (who vaulted 11' at age 60 at this meet in 2019)


Jersey Jumps Beach Vault, Atlantic CIty, NJ

July 8-9, 2023

2 runways., 2 days,  6 flights, 103 vaulters, biggest flight 27  Results:

2023 Champions: Spencer Powell (Nebraska grad) 4.72, Ava Allen (HS)(Shipley's Vault Lab) and Alex Hellenberg (Montana grad) 3.65

Meet Director: Mike Pascuzzo, Vertical Adventures


HV Flying Circus Summer PV Festival, Warwick, NY

July 7-8, 2023

1 Runway, 2 days, 8 flights, 94 vaulters, biggest flight 17  Results:YES 
2023 Highest Vaults: Peter Roach and Shane Racey 5.08
Rachel Venter (So.) Ella Galloway (Jr) Rachell Mason (Open) 3.70
Meet Director: Tim St Lawrence


River Vault, LaCrosse, WI

July 1-2, 2023

1 runway, 2 days, 6 flights, 102 vaulters, biggest flight 23 Results:

2023 Champions: Tori Thomas (Illinois U) 4.26, Connor O'Neill (Lake Elmo MN) 5.18 

Meet Director: Jeremiah Burish, La Crosse Track Club


DC Vault Championships, Washington DC 

June 24, 2023

2 runways, 6 flights, 58 vaulters, largest flight 13, Results: YES
2023 Champions: Zach Bradford 5.72, Chloe Timberg (Rutgers) 4.52
Meet Director: Ed Luthy & Chad Ackerman


Mac Vault Academy's Bob Crites Invitational
College Station, TX

November 19, 2022

3 runways, 7 flights, 66 vaulters, biggest flight 11, Results: YES
2022 Champions Molly Haywood 3.96, Colby Tindall 4.87, Masters MVP Chet Clodfelter (M59) 3.81.  Meet Directors: Brad & Brittany McFarling
(Check website: Mac Vault Academy holds frequent open-entry meets)


Indiana State Fair Vault, Indianapolis, IN

August 4-5, 2023

1 runway, 4 flights, 113 vaulters, Biggest flight: 33

2023 Champions: Collin Kao 5.25, Missy Riegle 3.96, Gary Hunter M67 3.65. 
Produced by: Over the Top Tour, LLC


Pole Vault in the Plaza Naples FL

June 24, 2023

1 runway, 4 flights, 63 vaulters, biggest flight 22  Results published: YES
2023 Champions Alina McDonald 4.39, Michael Cyphers & Noah Mumme 5.18
Meet Directors:  Kayden Cecil, Simon Weardon


Wine Country Classic, Paso Robles, CA

August 5, 2023

1 runway, 4 flights. 32 vaulters, biggest flight 10, Results: Not Published
2023 Champions: Christian Valles 4.88, Jathiyah Muhammad 4.11
Meet Director: Codie Wilshusen


Utah PVA Street Vault, Salt Lake City

August 5, 2023

2 runways, 4 flights, about 80 vaulters, biggest flight 21  Results published: NO
Meet Directors: Kody Pierce, Cameron Vongsawad


Vault Factory 4th of July Vault, Basking Ridge NJ

July 1, 2023

1 runway, 2 flights, 30 vaulters, biggest flight 19, 2023 Results: NO 
2022 Champions: Bradley Jelmert (Vault Factory) 5.33, Verionica Vacca (Philly Jumps) 4.11, Meet Director Carl Anthony Porambo


USATF Indoor Masters Nationals

March 10-12, 2023 Louisville KY

2022 Champions: M30+ Zach Ferrara (Nazareth College Coach) 5.25, M60+ Paul Babits 3.50, M65+ Gary Hunter 3.35, M80+ Don Isett 2.50, W30+ Alexandra Faust 3.45.  W45+ Angela Herzner 3.05, W75+ Catherine Radle 1.60


USATF Outdoor Masters Nationals

July 20-23, 2023  Greensboro NC

2022 Champions: W35+ Jennie Lenk 3.50, W65+ Kay Glynn 2.70, W85+ Flo Meiler 1.50, M45+ Scott Johnson 4.55, M55+ Chet Clodfelter 4.10, M65+ Gary Hunter 3.50,   


USATF Masters Outdoor Decathlon

Aug 12-13, 2023 at Mt SAC, Los Angeles CA

Results: YES, 2022 Womens Champion: Ashley Grothaus 3487 (PV 2.85). Kent Kappen M50 cleared 3.50 in a rained out event
Meet Director: Stephanie Colby


USATF Masters Indoor Heptathlon

Jan 21-22,2023   at Carthage College, Kenosha, WI

Results: YES, 2023 - Amanda Pasko wins at 3985 including 2.70 in the vault, Kay Glynn vaults 2.60 at age 69. Roman Marenin age 39 has top mens hep performance of 4202
Meet Director: Stephanie Colby


Women's Decathlon National Championships

Aug 12-13, 2023 at Mt.SAC, Los Angeles CA

New Event
Meet Director: Stephanie Colby


Chula Vista Eagles, CA

TBD - check CV Eagles button below for updates

TBD, to includ clinics, meals, and lodging 
Meet Director: Steve Marshalek


Akron Pole Vault Convention, OH

2022 was presumably the last, RIP to a great event, 2007-2022

2 runways, 4 flights, 36 vaulters, biggest flight 10 Results: YES

2022 Champions Abby Knouff (U.Akron) 3.97, Matt Keim  5.05

Meet Director: Dennis Mitchell, U.Akron

ville19 (3).JPG

Vault in the Ville, Louisville KY

2019 was the last year, thanks for a great event Chip!

​1 runway, 12 flights, 129 vaulters, biggest flight 20 (rest 14 or less), Results: YES
2019 Champions Daylis Caballero Vega (Cuba - Elitesport Texas) 4.42, Deakin Volz (Virginia Tech) 5.62  Meet Director: Chip Heuser


Jammin' & Jumpin', Henderson, KY

2022 is the last year I found results

1 runway, 6 flights, 55 vaulters, biggest flight 15 Results: 

2022 Highest Vaults: Jill Marois 4.30 Marissa Kalsey 4.30, Michael Cypers 5.15 
Meet Directors: Kevin Ferguson, SM Track Club


The Capitol District Pole Vault, Omaha, NE

Last results found for 2022

1 runway, 4 flights plus a clinic, 53 vaulters, larges flight 16, Results on website: NO.
2022 Champions Marissa Kalsey (Hollis PV) 4.40, Marshall Farout and Matt Keim 5.20
Meet Director: Emily Winckler


Old Town Clovis Street Vault, Fresno CA

Last results found were 2019

1 runway, 2 flights, Results on website: NO.
2019 Champions Megan Clark 4.41, Tray Oates & Audie Wyatt 5.48
Meet Director: Doug Fraley
This isn't open entry, but it's an iconic street vault


Tacoma Freedom Fair Beach Vault, WA

Las results found 2019

1 runway, 6 flights, 58 vaulters, Biggest flight 14, Results: YES

2019 Winners, Lianne Kistler + Samantha Serex (NW PV Club) 3.70, Zachary Klobutcher (NW PV Club) 4.97

Meet Director: Becca Gillespie Peters, Pole Vault Power


Pole Vault Miami,FL

Last meet with results 2022

2 runways, 2 flights, 31 vaulters, largest flight 36, Results:
2022 Champions - Nicole 3.81, Calvin 4.12, Meet Director David Chandler


Vaulter Magazine Stars & Stripes, Murietta CA

Last results found 2022

1 runway, 5 flights, 45 vaulters, biggest flight 10, Results:
2022 Champions Anthony Meacham 5.02, Rose Wagner 3.73

Meet Director: Doug Bouma


Crested Butte Street Vault, CO

One off meet in 2019, but what a great pic!

1 runway, 4 flights, 29 vaulters, biggest flight 9, Results:

2019 Champions: Robin Bone 4.00, Max Manson (Superior Track Club) 5.25 Meet Director: Andy Munoz, Drift Motion PVC (see website for more meets)

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